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Keep Going, No Matter What!

I, like many other people over the last few weeks, have had to come to terms with the race that we have been training so hard for has now unfortunately been cancelled or delayed until later on in the year. Unfortunately mine hasn’t been delayed till later on in the year it has been cancelledContinue reading “Keep Going, No Matter What!”


Marathon training week 2

The first session of the week was with Norwich road runners. I did a 1.2 mile warm up and warm down. In the middle I did hill repeats which when you do them with other people they are actually a lot more enjoyable. The session was 2 minutes up 2 minutes down with 90 secondContinue reading “Marathon training week 2”

Marathon training week 1

This week I decided to restart my marathon training after have a few weeks off due to injury. I wanted my first week back to be pretty easy and to slowing increase the intensity so that I can hopefully be injury free from now to when I get to start line on May 17th. MyContinue reading “Marathon training week 1”