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Marathon training week 2

The first session of the week was with Norwich road runners. I did a 1.2 mile warm up and warm down. In the middle I did hill repeats which when you do them with other people they are actually a lot more enjoyable.

The session was 2 minutes up 2 minutes down with 90 second rest then 2:30 up then 90 seconds down with 2 minute rest. 3 times of these made it very difficult by the end of it. I wanted to make sure I didn’t go all out because I am still slightly worried about my foot failing on me again.

8.6 miles Todays session was with Norwich road runners again. Once again I did 1.2 miles warm up and warm down with 6.2 miles in the middle. I kept it at about a tempo pace it was still pretty conversational for me but I was definitely more out of breathe than I normally would for an easy run.

I wanted to make sure this run was super easy so I only did 3 miles mainly because my legs were pretty sore from past two session I think I definitely need a rest day though.

Sundays long run was 10 easy miles. I want to make sure for all of my long runs for the build up to the marathon is nice and easy and a a slow pace for me. I was really happy with this run and was surprised I had no issues or pains when I finished. I think the main aspect that helped me the most was the fact that I did a long warm up before I started running. I am starting to realise that stretching is very important to prevent any injuries.


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