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Marathon training week 1

This week I decided to restart my marathon training after have a few weeks off due to injury.

I wanted my first week back to be pretty easy and to slowing increase the intensity so that I can hopefully be injury free from now to when I get to start line on May 17th.

My first session this week was a tempo 3 miler I ran at 10:37/mi pace. I wanted to test myself a little bit and see how I would get on, the pace was pretty comfortable I think I could’ve gone a little faster but I didn’t want to push myself too much.

My second session of the week was 3 tempo miles again. For my tempo session I try and go at a pace that is around a minute quicker than my easy pace but it does tend to vary a fair amount. I ran at a 10:01/mi pace I wanted to not look at my watch too much and just go off how I felt whilst running so I was really happy with the pace.

On Friday I decided to keep it nice and easy at 10:49/mi pace. 5.5 miles done but I did want to do 6 miles but my legs felt a bit heavy so I decided to a slightly shorter route.

My final run of the week was Thetford 10k. The weather wasn’t the best and as it was a trail race the ground was really muddy and wet so it did make it pretty difficult. Unfortunately I didn’t get to warm up or anything before the race so when I finished it was my injury did flair up a little bit but hopefully with some ice and stretching I will be fine to keep running. Overall it was a really fun race I just need to get more use to running on trails because I don’t do it all to often and I need to get use to going at a slower pace for all the trails.

17.7 miles completed this week I’m pretty happy with that I just need to make sure I slowly increase my miles so that I can stay injury free. I’m hoping I can do a 10 mile long run next Sunday.

Dealing with injury


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