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Marathon Training Week 3

I started this week with a nice easy recovery 2 miles. After Sunday’s long run I wanted to keep the run nice and easy and make sure my legs feel okay.

My second run of the week was with Norwich road runners again. I did my normal 1.2 miles there as a warm up then I decided to go on the shorter route as I had Cambridge half marathon at the end of the week so wanted to make sure I felt fresh for that. Unfortunately I ended up running the last 1 mile by myself because I lost the running group 😂 so instead of running back to meeting point I decided to take a slight detour and just go home. I ended up doing 5 miles so 6.2 miles in total at a tempo pace for me so I am pretty happy with how the run went.

My last run of the week was Cambridge Half Marathon. I didn’t know what to expect for this race it was by far the biggest race I have ever ran in. Unfortunately to begin with I didn’t feel very well and wasn’t sure if I was actually going to run, I slowly started to feel better so I decided to run. The crowds were amazing and helped me a lot I’m not sure I would have been able to finish in 2:12 if it was for the crowds at the end pushing me on. Overall the race was amazing the only issue was near the end when the path got slimmer it felt like I was going to trip over people so it did knock me off my stride a bit which was a bit annoying.

I have completed 21 miles this week I hope next week I can complete a few more miles and hopefully complete 14 miles on my long run. I’m feeling a lot more confident about my marathon training now that I have been without injury for some weeks now.


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