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Keep Going, No Matter What!

I, like many other people over the last few weeks, have had to come to terms with the race that we have been training so hard for has now unfortunately been cancelled or delayed until later on in the year.

Unfortunately mine hasn’t been delayed till later on in the year it has been cancelled all together, luckily my place will be transferred to next years race which is great.

My initial reaction was probably different to other people who found out that their marathon wasn’t going ahead because mine got cancelled much later than London or Manchester marathon so I was very much expecting/ waiting for it to happen, which made it a lot easier to take.

I think the main negative I have faced since hearing the news that my race had been cancelled was that I have been struggling with motivation already and it’s only been a week! I am very much a goal oriented person so to not have a race to work towards at the minute is really difficult for me. I have tried to make it so I am more just going for runs when I want to and have a bit more fun with my runs again, not try and beat myself up when a training run doesn’t go how I would want it to go. Obviously the biggest negative is that all our hard work feels like it is for nothing in someways, there is no end goal.

Although there are a few negatives, I think there are still positives to take from all of this. The main positive is that I have all trained hard to improve so that means I am much fitter now than if I didn’t do any training at all. Whether you have been training for your first ever marathon or a 10k you will still have improved your physical fitness so when you next stand on the start on your next race you can be grateful that you have had even longer to prepare for the race.

One of the main positives for me was that my training didn’t particularly go very well so in some ways it was good that it got cancelled because it means I have more time to prepare for my marathon when it does come around and make sure I am 100% ready for it whereas if I was to run the marathon in May I’m not sure if I would have been able to hit my target time.

I think the main thing we all need to make sure is we try and keep up with the running whether it is carry on training or we just go for runs in general because we need to make sure we don’t lose all the hard work over the past few months.

Stay active everyone!


Published by runnerben6

Just trying to get a bit better at running

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