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Marathon training week 4

First run of the week was 3 easy miles my legs felt pretty heavy from Cambridge half marathon. My heart rate was nice and low but I probably could’ve still gone slower just to make sure my legs weren’t pushed too much.

My second run of the week was once again a easy 3 miles the next morning so my legs still felt heavy I probably shouldn’t have ran just because I think my legs needed a bit more resting.

I decided to have a rest day then ran again my last run before the weekend was 3 tempo miles I wanted to make sure I got a run in that was slightly quicker than all the easy runs I had done so far in the week.

My last run of the week was 15 miles which is my longest run to date. I have never ran longer than a half marathon before so I am really happy with the distance and time. Surprisingly the first couple of miles were a bit tough but once I got fully warmed up my legs felt really fresh and the next 10 miles were really comfortable. The last few miles were a bit tough I definitely need to get better at picking me feet up so I’m not shuffling when my legs get tired.


Published by runnerben6

Just trying to get a bit better at running

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